Thunderstorms and a deadly tornado smash through Mississippi

Strong thunderstorms and a tornado struck Mississippi late on Friday, leaving a trail of destruction spanning more than 100 miles. The state’s emergency management office said that at least 23 people were killed and dozens more were injured (160 km).

As the hurricane hit Silver City in Western Mississippi, search and rescue crews examined the wreckage in search of survivors. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency announced in a series of tweets that four individuals were still missing.

In reference to the death toll, it stated, “Unfortunately, these numbers are expected to alter.”

According to CNN, search and rescue crews were also sent in Rolling Fork, a town that took the brunt of the storm.

This is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, Brandy Showah told CNN. “This was a very wonderful little town, and it’s no more.”

Overnight, storm chasers and observers reported at least 24 tornadoes to the National Weather Service.

News networks released images of the devastation that showed entire buildings covered in rubble and automobiles turned on their sides as individuals clambered through the debris at night.

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