Tinubu communicates with Okoh, the incoming president of CAN

Archbishop Daniel Okoh, General Superintendent of Christ Holy Church (Odozi-Obodo), has received congratulations from Bola Tinubu, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for president, on his election as the head of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN).
A press release issued by Tinubu’s media office and signed by Mr. Tunde Rahman conveyed his congratulations.

Recall that on Thursday, CAN officially recognized Okoh as its new President.

Tinubu, who highlighted that Okoh is a fitting successor to Ayokunle, also bemoaned the country’s present security crisis, stating that Nigeria is in a critical period where bad actors are trying to disrupt societal cohesion and inflict widespread violence.

“I congratulate Rev. Okoh on his election as the new President of CAN,” the former governor of Lagos State remarked. As Rev. Ayokunle’s assistant, Rev. Okoh has truly distinguished himself.
“As a country, we are in a difficult period where foolish and wicked actors want to undermine societal cohesion and reign violence on us all,” concluded Tinubu.

These evil forces intend to set Nigerian brothers against one another by igniting religious and ethnic tensions. As Rev. Okoh assumes the leadership role, it is my wish and prayer that his tenure will enlighten every corner of our country and may he be a shining light to all. “Decent and good Nigerians of all faiths must ally again with such goals.

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