Toke Makinwa, “Men Do Not Like Nice Women,”

Toke Makinwa, a well-known media figure in Nigeria, asserted that men dislike nice women.

According to the actress, guys misjudge women who are extremely kind.

In the most recent episode of her podcast, TokeMoments, she made this claim.”Men don’t like women that are nice,” she claimed.

She was rejected by her show’s guest, skit creator Bukunmi Adeaga Ilori, who remarked, “No, let me rephrase that. I firmly believe this. For lack of a better phrase, I would say that a man is more useful when you know how to put him to good use. Men prefer to be reminded of what to do, you see.

We will enroll our infant in a daycare center. My spouse will rush into the car to head to work even though he is aware that the baby needs to go to the creche. Now that I’ve reminded him, he’ll say, “Ah, I forgot.” Before it registered and became a regular for him, I had to remind him to take her to school every day for about three weeks.

Insisting that Kiekie’s husband probably chose correction because he is “easy,” Toke Makinwa claimed that most guys are not like that.

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