The two new offerings will further strengthen and consolidate its leadership position in the Indian enterprise space.

Tata Docomo Business Services (TDBS), an enterprise service provider in India, announced the launch of two unique offerings in the Indian market, Ultra Low Latency (LOLA) solution for institutional stock trading firms; and Service Level Agreement (SLA) on Wireline Voice Services for small, medium and large enterprises. TDBS is the only Telco to provide these innovative offerings, designed to deliver seamless network access, better operational efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and effective management of assets and workforce. The two new offerings are in line with the customer centric approach that TDBS has displayed over the years, and will further strengthen and consolidate its leadership position in the Indian enterprise space.

Ultra LOLA is a technologically superior solution that provides robust low latency telecom infrastructure to institutional stock traders, helping them process market data in real time. Technological prowess in financial trading market is moving to the next level wherein automated computer programs decide on execution of a trade based on certain pre-defined instructions. Between the two stock exchanges in India, TDBS provides 25 times faster connectivity against the conventional network speed.

The SLA on Wireline Voice Services is designed to address the growing requirements of enterprises who want to stay connected with their stakeholders 24X7 without any disruption in services. At the heart of this very development is the new age consumer who is always ‘connected’ and demands a very responsive and customized attention from the brands he deals with. It is, thus, critical for businesses to have always-on customer connectivity solutions. TDBS today introduced Uptime guarantee for Wireline Voice Services, making it the first service provider to offer so. In case of any disruption, TDBS will provide service credits to the customer.

Speaking on the launch, Prateek Pashine, president Enterprise Business, Tata Docomo Business Services, said “Telecom services are becoming core to businesses today for them to connect more effectively with their customers, manage their operations and manage assets and workforce. Superior ways to connect with customers, better response times to market triggers and availability of connectivity often distinguishes the winners from the also-ran in various industries today. At TDBS, we constantly strive to design innovative and technologically advanced business solutions that our enterprise customers can leverage in their digital transformation journey and achieve better business outcomes. We are proud to launch two very unique offerings, Uptime guarantee on Wireline Voice Services and Ultra LOLA solution that are specially designed to deliver unprecedented benefits to our enterprise customers in India.”


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