Vijay Mukhi, India’s internet guru passes away

One of India’s oldest technology evangelists, and famously known as India’s internet guru, Vijay Mukhi passes away on January 9

Widely known as India’s internet guru, tech evangelist Vijay Mukhi passed away at his Mumbai residence on January 9. He had reportedly suffered a heart attack.

Considered to be one of the pioneers of the IT industry in the country, Mukhi has authored over 80 books, both technical and non-technical. A qualified engineer from VJTI, one of the leading institutions of India, he has also written ‘The undocumented internals of the bitcoin and ethereum blockchains’, an insightful 900-pager on cryptocurrencies. It is available online.

Mukhi was a resident of South Mumbai. He was known as “a man who loved his computer more than anything else in the world.” He had founded ‘Bombay Computer Club’ (BCC), which included quite a few notable corporate heads of the time. This club would get together every month at Mukhi’s house to talk technology.



One of the pioneers of Internet in India, Mukhi was a part of a travelling Internet evangelists club, known as Internet Users Club of India (IUCI), that included Miheer Mafatlal and Shammi Kapoor. The group would hold sessions and demos to showcase the Internet, reports Livemint.

Mukhi began dabbling in technology sometime in the late 1980s, a time when computers were barely a concept in the country. In his lifetime, he has made significant contributions in cybersecurity, including co-chairing Mumbai Police’s and NASSCOM’s effort of laying the foundations of cybersecurity. He has also served as the president of Foundation of Information Security and Technology.

Along with being a co-founder of Internet Users Community of India, Vijay Mukhi also chaired FICCI’s IT Committee.

His funeral rites were held at Dadar, Mumbai on January 10.

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