Visual Studio and Eclipse top the PYPL popularity index of desktop IDEs, while Cloud9 and JSFiddle lead in the cloud.

Visual Studio and Eclipse lead the top 10 IDEs. Who's next?

Microsoft’s Visual Studio leads the way in desktop IDE (integrated development environment) popularity, with Eclipse close behind, according to PYPL’s August index of IDE popularity. Android Studio was a distant third.

Visual Studio takes a 22.4 percent share in this month’s index. Eclipse follows with a 20.38 percent share. Much further back was Android Studio, with a 9.87 percent share. “It’s surprising how a couple of IDEs have about half the popularity,” PYPL’s Pierre Carbonelle said.

The index is based on an analysis of how often IDEs are searched on in Google, similar to PYPL’s monthly language popularity index . The more searches for an IDE, the more popular it is presumed to be. The 10 most popular IDEs for August:

  1. Visual Studio, 22.4 percent
  2. Eclipse, 20.38
  3. Android Studio, 9.87
  4. Vim, 8.02
  5. NetBeans, 4.75
  6. JetBrains IntelliJ, 4.69
  7. Apple Xcode, 4.35
  8. Komodo, 4.33
  9. Sublime Text, 3.94
  10. Xamarin, 3.46

In 11 th place was Microsoft’s open source, cross-platform development environment, Visual Studio Code , with a 2.86 percent share. Visual Studio Code reached a 1.0 release only 16 months ago.

PYPL also looked at the popularity of online development environments, using the same ranking criteria as the desktop variety. The top two lead the field by a huge margin. Cloud9 took the top spot with a 35.77 percent share, closely followed by JSFiddle with 31.42 percent. The top 10:

  1. Cloud9, 35.77 percent
  2. JSFiddle, 31.42
  3. Koding, 9.05
  4. Ideone, 5.93
  5. Codio, 5.92
  6. Codeanywhere, 4.99
  7. Pythonanywhere, 2.53
  8. Codenvy, 1.67
  9. Codiad, .58
  10. Python Fiddle, .43
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