2023: Peter Obi: “The Nation Must Remain United, I Commit To One Nigeria.”

Mr. Obi took notes from the lessons learned in preserving Nigeria’s unity after the civil war, which ended on January 15—52 years ago—on Sunday.

If he were to win the election, the former governor of Anambra State vowed to work to create a nation where equity, justice, and fairness are the norm.

Mr Obi who commits to one Nigeria was speaking at a special broadcast to mark the 2023 Armed Forces Remembrance before heading to the United Kingdom for his engagement at Chatham House.

The LP flagbearer declared, “I Mr. Peter Obi, a proud Nigerian of Igbo extraction, I am genuinely and entirely devoted to the cause of One Nigeria.”

“It is worth calling a spade a spade, there are young people in Nigeria who are frustrated by injustice, poverty, a lack of chances, employment, and what appears to be exclusion,” he added.

“Such youths will take advantage of any occasion and employ any means at their disposal to vent their resentment and fury; I believe that some of those who are agitating are doing so in part as a result of Nigeria’s inability to build an inclusive and progressive society.

Extreme groups like Boko Haram and ISWAP will be effectively checked by a functioning Nigeria with equity, justice, and fairness, Mr. Obi claimed.

According to him, the best strategy for dealing with the situation manifesting in the guise of unclear nationalism, bigoted patriotism and religious bigotry, is the carrot and stick approach.

Mr Obi further asserted that nation building and the stabilizing of the society has become very imperative and as such, Nigeria must win those that can be won over, by ensuring equity and justice dictates the way in which the country operates.

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