After the death of a dual national, the UK withdraws its ambassador and threatens additional sanctions against Iran

After Alireza Akbari was killed, the UK summoned Iran’s top diplomat and withdrew its own ambassador.

Although Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, Iran’s prosecutor general, was subject to sanctions, the opposition’s demands to outlaw the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were not met (IRGC).

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly stated he was unable to comment on upcoming restrictions when faced with additional such requests from the parliament.

We don’t confine ourselves to the actions I’ve already declared, he added.

And Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s spokesman told reporters: “We are reviewing further action with our international partners.”

British MPs voted last week in favour of adding the IRGC to a list of banned terrorist organisations in the UK.

However, the government is battling to restore a global nuclear agreement with Iran while also deciding what will happen to other dual citizens detained by the Islamic regime.

Despite this, Cleverly was open in his criticism of Iran’s authorities following the hanging of Akbari, 61, who was accused of espionage for Britain.

“We are witnessing the spiteful deeds of a weakened and isolated regime, concerned with oppressing its own people, handicapped by its own fear of losing power and ruining its worldwide reputation,” he said in his address to the House of Commons.

The world is watching you and you will be held accountable, especially by the heroic Iranian people who you are killing and oppressing in such large numbers, is the obvious message we are sending to that tyranny.


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