Apple investigates reports of iPhone 8 splitting open

Apple has said it is looking into claims that the new iPhone 8 phones have split open due to expanding batteries.

A small number of users have reported the phone’s front panel separating from the rest of the casing. At present, the issue  appears to be isolated to a handful of phones, with the reports coming from Asia.

One user posting on Twitter showed the bottom of the screen casing detaching almost completely from the his iPhone 8 Plus. The phone appeared to bulge out from the middle before it had even been removed from the case, before opening further to expose the insides of the device.

A second report from China claimed another iPhone 8 Plus owner had experienced a similar problem while charging.

An Apple spokesman said the company was “looking into” the issue. So far, the examples appear to be individual cases rather than a wider issue. Apple investigates reports of iPhone 8 splitting open

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