A hairstylist had to close her salon. So she turned her boyfriend into Princess Leia and Joe Exotic

For hairstylist Heidi Oley, social distancing means more time to practice her skills.

So she got creative and decided to have some fun — by making her boyfriend the canvas for her masterful creations.

Oley and Geoffrey Clark, who live in Atlanta, relocated to her family’s secluded cabin in Ellijay, Georgia, a couple of weeks ago after she closed her salon due to the pandemic.

She thought she’d use the spare time to watch tutorials and brush up on some new techniques, so Clark offered to be her test subject.

And suddenly, inspiration struck.

“I picked up the curling iron and decided to turn him into George Washington,” Oley told CNN.

Geoffrey Clark, styled as George Washington.
Geoffrey Clark, styled as George Washington.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, Oley has experimented with countless hairstyles on Clark.

There’s the on-point depiction of Princess Leia, complete with the iconic “cinnamon buns” on the sides and a white bedsheet to mimic her costume.

And for all you cool cats and kittens who have been captivated by Netflix’s “Tiger King,” here’s Clark with the signature mullet of Joe Exotic.



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