The announcement underscores Dell Technologies commitment to help customers realize their digital future by safely navigating the complex IoT landscape.

Dell Technologies unveiled its Internet of Things (IoT) vision and strategy, a new IoT division as well as new IoT specific products, labs, partner program and consumption models. The announcement underscores Dell Technologies commitment to helping customers realize their digital future by safely navigating the complex and often fragmented IoT landscape.
IoT, a new distributed model for computing

As more and more customers look to digitally transform their business, a new model of computing is emerging. For the last 15 years the IT industry has seen the rise of Cloud Computing, a highly centralized model for delivering IT services.  But in an age where every type of device, from phones to cars to light bulbs to thermostats to heart monitors are alive and intelligent, there is a requirement for distributed, real time, processing of information.  These devices simply cannot wait for a response from centralized cloud infrastructure that may be ‘seconds’ away.
“IoT is fundamentally changing how we live, how organizations operate and how the world works” said Michael Dell, chairman and chief executive officer of Dell Technologies. “Dell Technologies is leading the way for our customers with a new distributed computing architecture that brings IoT and artificial intelligence together in one, interdependent ecosystem from the edge to the core to the cloud. The implications for our global society will be nothing short of profound.”

Customers have expressed a growing need for one company to pull together complete IoT solutions that can be deployed within their organizations. Dell Technologies’ comprehensive approach to IoT is based on market leading technology and services and a carefully curated partner ecosystem designed to realize value for customers today and prepare them for the future.

Companies across the globe are keen to realize the potential benefits of IoT. Organizations such as Chitale Dairy in India have already implemented IoT in India and are seeing significant benefits.

Rajesh Janey, president and MD, India enterprise, Dell EMC added: “India is currently undergoing a massive transformation to become a digitally enabled nation; and technology is at heart of this digital transformation. Smart cities, IoT, building a modern architecture, connecting devices, all these are building blocks of achieving the goal of realizing a digitally transformed India. As per NASSCOM, The global market for IoT in 2020 will be worth USD 373 billion in revenue, with India accounting for USD  10-12 billion of this revenue. Therefore, extracting value from the vast amounts of data these IoT-enabled devices generate, requires a modern IT infrastructure that is secure from edge-to-core-to-cloud. We at Dell Technologies see it as a complete, interdependent ecosystem spanning edge, core and cloud. One in which connected things, infrastructure, artificial intelligence and machine learning all
come together to make things smarter.”

Alok Ohrie, president and MD, India commercial, Dell EMC also commented: “As the number of connected devices becomes more ubiquitous, we know that intelligent computing at the edge of the network is critical. The IoT continues to enhance customer experience, drive business growth and improve lives, making it central to organizations’ digital transformation strategies. As India embarks on an ambitious digital journey, Dell Technologies’ tailored IOT solutions, services and partner ecosystem enable organizations to navigate the challenges – whether its banking, healthcare, farming or digitization of citizen services, and deliver the right solution to meet their customer needs in a dynamic business environment”

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