Office 365 leads the pack, AWS is the most popular with developers and Slack is flying, according to a recent report from identity management vendor Okta

First-time research from identity management software vendor Okta shows which enterprise apps are the most popular among its UK customers, so which app comes out on top?

The vendor’s first EMEA-focused Businesses @ Work report takes anonymised data from Okta’s hundreds of customers across EMEA to show which apps are being adopted by its enterprise customers.

The report takes into account customer’s applications, custom integrations and daily authentications and verifications to determine which apps are the most prevalent within these organisations.

Across EMEA in general, the report shows that security is “clearly top of mind” and that businesses are “leveraging developer tools to build new apps more than ever before”. It adds that cloud video conferencing is “on the rise for the first time”.

Jesper Frederiksen, the new EMEA general manager at Okta said during a customer event unveiling the report last week: “[Businesses] cannot dictate applications anymore, and we and IT have to accept that. That’s why Okta exists, to keep all of these apps secure.”

As the below graph shows, Office 365 is the most popular enterprise application for UK businesses by some distance, followed by the AWS suite of developer tools and services. However, Google’s G Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides etc.) is closing the gap.

Across EMEA, G Suite usage grew 46 percent in the past six months, compared to Office 365, which still grew 27 percent during the same time period. Also, strangely, 15 percent of Okta’s EMEA customers are using both applications.

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Unsurprisingly Slack is the newest entrant to the enterprise app landscape, and is already the seventh most popular application with Okta clients. “Slack has more than three times the number of integrations of any other messaging or collaboration app in EMEA,” the report states.

Recent challenger Workplace by Facebook posted 33 percent growth across the EMEA region from what is essentially a standing start over the past six months too, so the fight between Slack, Workplace by Facebook and Microsoft Teams is really starting to heat up.

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Commenting on the report, Frederiksen said: “The rise of applications such as Slack, Workplace by Facebook and Zoom shows that consumer functionality can be just as effective in business.” Read more

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