Anthony Joshua Shares His Son’s Dream Career

Anthony Joshua, a British heavyweight boxer who was born in Nigeria, has made it clear that, matter how lucrative the sport is, he would not encourage his son to pursue boxing.
At the age of 18, Anthony Joshua developed a passion for boxing, and he has continued to compete in the sport ever since.

The British boxer, whose parents are from Nigeria, got involved in the sport after being detained for fighting and facing homelessness at the age of 17.

Joshua has amassed a fortune in the game throughout the years; at now, his net worth is $75 million. However, that wouldn’t persuade him to encourage any of his kids to pursue the career.

The 34-year-old heavyweight boxer who calls his son “little JJ” (Joseph Joshua), said he wouldn’t want to choose a profession for the boy. He, however, noted that he wishes the boy would grow to become an accountant, adding that he wants his son to be the “best man that he can be”.

Anthony Joshua said the only career advice he would give to JJ is for the boy to “do the best you can do”.

“If I was to choose (a career) for him, I would ask him to probably look at accountancy because I think it’s good to understand numbers,” the former two-time heavyweight boxer said.

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