Father of Mohbad Demands Investigation Into Late Son’s Wife

The family of the late Nigerian musician Mohbad, also known as Ilerioluwa Aloba, has publicly pleaded with the Nigeria Police to bring the deceased’s wife, Omowunmi, forward so she can shed light on the circumstances surrounding his tragic demise.
This request was a part of a larger appeal made by Mohbad’s father, Joseph Aloba, who is attempting to ascertain the cause of his son’s passing.

Joseph Aloba has begun legal action to include more testimony from others who were near to Mohbad in his last hours, according to a statement the Aloba family posted on Wednesday.

“Ayobami Fisayo aka Spending; Boluwatife Adeyemo aka Darosha and Ibrahim Owodunni aka Prime Boy” are among the people the Aloba family’s legal team has requested be called as witnesses in the current investigation.
These people, who were allegedly with Mohbad at the critical moment, are said to have important information that could shed light on the circumstances behind the singer’s passing.

Fans and family members of Mohbad are demanding justice and closure in the wake of his terrible death, which has sparked intense public interest and worry.

Many were in mourning for the artist, who had demonstrated enormous promise in the Nigerian music scene, and wondering what exactly went wrong to cause such a catastrophe.

Joseph Aloba’s insistence on including Omowunmi in addition to the identified witnesses highlights the family’s resolve to solve the mystery surrounding Mohbad’s passing.
The singer’s family thinks that these people’s statements could paint a clearer picture of what happened and possibly provide important information regarding the singer’s last moments.

Part of the statement said, “We have learned that the late Mohbad’s wife, Omomunmi Adebanjo, has disclosed that she is aware of important details surrounding his demise. We implore the appropriate authorities to invite Omowunmi Adebanjo to provide her account of this unfortunate incident and her views. We think that her assistance and testimony may be crucial in illuminating the events that preceded Mohbad’s death.

He also requested the police to provide security to ensure her safety whenever she comes forward to share her knowledge with the authorities, stressing the delicate nature of the situation.

“We beg you (the police) to give this inquiry top priority and move quickly to find out what really happened to kill Mohbad. Justice must be served, and the Aloba family and the public deserve closure,” the statement continued.

He said, “The opportunity is still there for you to go and tell them the truth you know,” but he also mentioned that another sitting of the coroner’s inquiry was scheduled for a few days from now.
The late singer’s father also revealed that he had filed a lawsuit at the Lagos State Magistrates’ Court in Ikorodu, asking for a Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) test for his grandson Liam. Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi, recently revealed on Instagram that she had been awaiting a court order to move forward with the paternity test since November.

In addition to saying that he had a duty to safeguard Liam, Mohbad’s father clarified that the action was taken to settle the questions around his paternity going forward.

“This information will continue to be there for now and maybe forever because the issue of Liam Aloba’s paternity is in the public domain, especially on social media,” he stated.

I have a responsibility to protect Liam Aloba as his grandfather right now because if the paternity dispute is not settled immediately, it would harm both her and the boy down the road. He may be called any kind of derogatory name by anyone, and I do not want it to happen to him right now or in the near future. In my opinion, Wunmi Adebanjo, who is also Liam Aloba’s mother, will not approve of a scenario in which Liam Aloba is called or used in any offensive way in the future.

My legal team has filed a lawsuit and addressed the court because she wants a court order to collect her DNA. Whether Liam Aloba is my grandson or not, he deserves the right to a good life free from any stigma associated with his existence on earth, thus her legal team should act appropriately whenever the court serves them by not impeding the procedure. As his mother, please do this if it’s the only thing you can do to keep him from embarrassing himself in the future and provide him a peaceful life.

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