Coronavirus infections on the rise in Germany days after restrictions eased

According to the Germany’s coronavirus reproduction rate is estimated to have risen over the crucial value of 1, reaching 1.13, according to the country’s disease and control center, the Robert Koch Institute.

Prior to Saturday, Germany’s reproduction rate was below 1, the institute reported.

The reproduction rate refers to how many people each person infected with coronavirus will infect on average.

The background: The increase in reproduction rate indicates a rise in infections across Germany, a few days after Chancellor Angela Merkel announced an easing of lockdown measures.

On Wednesday last week, Merkel announced a gradual reopening of all shops and schools, as well as the resumption of the Bundesliga soccer league, although there will be no spectators.

The Robert Koch Institute said there is still a “degree of uncertainty” with these estimates but the increase in reproduction rate “makes it necessary to observe the development very closely over the coming days.”

Germany has reported more than 171,000 coronavirus cases, including over 7,500 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.


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