People flying into the UK will have to quarantine, prime minister says

The United Kingdom will “soon” introduce a quarantine period on people coming into the country by air, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Sunday.

“To prevent re-infection from abroad, I’m serving notice that it will soon be the time – with transmission significantly lower — to impose quarantine on people coming into this country by air,” Johnson said during a taped address to the nation.

Some context: In a statement to CNN on Saturday, the chief executive of the UK Airport Operators Association, Karen Dee, warned that the introduction of a quarantine period could have a “devastating impact” on the UK aviation industry.

“Quarantine would not only have a devastating impact on the UK aviation industry, but also on the wider economy … if the government believes quarantine is medically necessary, then it should be applied on a selective basis following the science, there should be a clear exit strategy and the economic impact on key sectors should be mitigated,” Dee told CNN.

Dee continued: “Airports have done their utmost to stay open through this crisis to provide vital services to communities — from facilitating freight and repatriations to air ambulance, police, Royal Mail and HM Coastguard services — but cannot survive a further protracted period without passengers that would be the result of quarantine measures. If quarantine is a necessary tool for fighting Covid-19, then the Government should act decisively to protect the hundreds of thousands of airport-related and travel-related jobs across the UK.”


Source CNN

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