As he drags Sophia Momodu into court, Davido confesses how troublesome she has been

Superstar of the Afrobeats scene David Adeleke, better known by his stage as Davido, has taken his baby mom Sophia Momodu to court in an attempt to get custody of his first child, Imade.
Davido requests “an order granting joint custody of Miss Imade Adeleke to the applicant” in an initial motion that was submitted to the Lagos State High Court on April 17, 2024 by his attorneys, Dr. Olaniyi Arije, Okey Barrah, and others.

“An order granting to the applicant unfettered and unrestricted access to Miss Imade” is another demand made by the singer.

David Adedeji Adeleke is named as the petitioner in the lawsuit, which is designated LD/1587PMC/2024, while Sophia Momodu is named as the only respondent.

Davido himself provided a 44-paragraph affidavit in support of the original request.

Although he and Momodu had a relationship that resulted in the birth of their child on May 14, 2015, the applicant explained that the relationship had terminated a few years prior “while we resolved to take care of our child as biological father and mother.”

Davido declared, “It is official that I have been in charge of paying my daughter’s tuition in order to give her the greatest education possible and to effortlessly meet all of her scholastic needs.

“That I have additionally been giving money to cover the respondent’s and our daughter’s apartment rent.”

The artist claimed that because of his love for Imade, he bought and presented the mother with a ₦200 million flat on Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos, which is part of a gated condominium complex with a swimming pool and round-the-clock power and water supplies. He said that an offer was rejected.

“Even though he and Momodu had a relationship that resulted in the birth of their child on May 14, 2015, the relationship ended a few years ago as we decided to raise our child as our biological father and mother,” he stated.

The offer to remain and reside in the previously acquired secured Oniru flat was turned down by the respondent. Instead, she insisted that I continue to pay ₦5,000,000 a year for a rental space as my personal contribution to my daughter’s housing.

“I bought a Range Rover Sport Utility Vehicle for the use of the child and the respondent to meet the transport needs, including transportation of the child to and from school, etc.” declared Davido in order to ensure that the interests of Imade were well-catered for.
He continued by saying that at some point last year, her daughter’s school called to inform him that Imade had been missing for two weeks. After contacting Momodu,

She started to offer justifications, saying that the Range Rover SUV wasn’t in excellent shape, but she wouldn’t tell me that.

In response to her request for ₦5.8 million to repair the Range Rover SUV, he continued, “I provided another vehicle, a Highlander SUV, and in addition to that, making it two vehicles in the custody and use of the respondent and our daughter.”Davido claims that in order to further guarantee that his child’s interests were suitably met, “I also made commitments to pay for living expenses, the nanny fees for our child, provide medical and health care, insurance, and tickets and periodic international travel expenses.”

The singer said, “That despite my efforts on behalf of my daughter overall, the respondent has continued to make absurd and utopian demands to irritate me.”

He stated, “The respondent, among others, is demanding that I should pay the nanny she hired the sum of $800 per month, and that the total sum of $19,600 per annum be paid as a lump sum.” He went on to list the other requests purportedly made by Momodu.

Davido asserted that “the respondent has continued to show me unwarranted cruelty, inflicting so much pain on me,” despite his efforts to ensure a better life for their daughter.

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