Federal Fire Service Salary Structure – 2024 Updated!

Established by an Act of Parliament, the Federal Fire Service (FFS) is the principal agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Its sole mandate is to mitigate, prevent, and put out fires and other emergencies, as well as carry out other various tasks as assigned by the Honorable Minister of Interior.

The Federal Fire Service Salary is categorized based on years of experience and ranks within the system. The Consolidated Para-Military Salary Structure (CONPASS), a uniform pay scale for paramilitary units, is used by all federal government parastatals in Nigeria.


Ranks of Federal Fire Service

In the fire service, ranks are classified according to qualifications. Those who joined the fire service with an SSCE certificate are given the rank of Fire Marshal Assistant III, while those who joined with a National Diploma or NCE are given the rank of Senior Fire Marshal Assistant. |

Those who are graduates who joined the fire service with a BSc or HND are given the rank of Marshal Inspectors III.

Below is a list of the complete ranks of the Fire service, starting from the most senior to the most junior:

    • Chief Inspector
    • Deputy Chief
    • Assistant Chief Inspectors
    • Principal marshal
    • Senior Marshal Inspectors
  • Marshal Inspectors I
  • Marshal Inspectors II
  • Marshal Inspectors III
  • Chief Fire Marshal Assistants
  • Deputy Fire Marshal Assistants
  • Senior Fire Marshal Assistants
  • Fire Marshal Assistants I
  • Fire Marshal Assistants II
  • Fire Marshal Assistants III

Federal Fire Service (FSS) Salary – 2024 Updated

FSS salary structure varies based on factors such as certificate, level, and experience.

Individuals who joined the fire service with;

  • SSCE certificates (Level 03 and Level 04) –  ₦70,577 per month.
  • National Diploma or NCE (Level 06 and Level 07) – N120,427 per month
  • BSc or HND (Level 08) – ₦230,447 per month. 

others ;

    1. Chief Inspectors – ₦1,405,497
    2. Deputy Chief Inspectors – ₦1,225,237
    3. Assistant Chief Inspectors – ₦1,152,037
  1. Principal marshal Inspectors – ₦943,537
  2. Senior Marshal Inspectors – ₦758,417
  3. Marshal Inspectors I – ₦350,847
  4. Marshal Inspectors II – ₦280,387
  5. Marshal Inspectors III – ₦230,447
  6. Chief Fire Marshal Assistants – ₦200,767.
  7. Deputy Fire Marshal Assistants – ₦180,047
  8. Senior Fire Marshal Assistants – ₦120,427
  9. Fire Marshal Assistants I – ₦100,587
  10. Fire Marshal Assistants II – N85,747
  11. Fire Marshal Assistants III – N70,577

Other Benefits and Allowance Packages for Federal Fire Service

The staff of the Fire Service are not only remunerated on a basic salary. They are also compensated with other benefits and welfare packages. Below are some of the benefits that accompany the service:

  • Hazard Allowance (Risk Allowance).
  • Rent Allowance.
  • Medical Allowance.
  • Transport Allowance.
  • Uniform Allowance.

Fire Service Training Allowance

The monthly fire service training allowance for recruits undergoing training ranges from N15,000 to N45,000, varying based on their qualifications. Recruits with an SSCE certificate receive the lowest training allowance, while those with a BSC or HND certificate receive the highest amount.



  • This salary scale is an estimate based on research, not from Federal Fire Service Official.
  • The salaries in the FFS for each rank may vary, as a fire service officer who has held a rank for three years may not receive the same salary as one recently promoted to that rank.
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