Graduate Job Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers [Free PDF Download]

Practice Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers to help you study and get ready for the forthcoming graduate trainee tests (Fidelity Bank, Moniepoint, First Bank Limited, Flour Mill, Ecobank, Access Bank, and many more). The PDF file can be downloaded for free.

Pre-employment aptitude tests were administered by Dragnet to the majority of Nigerian enterprises. Engineering, FMCG, oil and gas firms, and certain bank positions all administer the dragnet exam.

In your job search, as a fresh graduate, you will undoubtedly run into a dragnet test.

It’s critical that you understand that the Dragnet exam is computer-based. Additionally, GSE questions are typically asked.

A dragnet examination typically consists of three parts. These three types of reasoning are verbal, abstract, and numerical.

You can find pertinent questions and answers here that are probably going to be tested again this year.

Crucial Advice for Getting Through the Graduate Recruitment Aptitude Test

When answering multiple-choice questions, be sure you have thoroughly read the instructions before selecting a response.

Time management is crucial in these tests, so don’t forget to monitor how long it takes you to complete each question.

Your final score will be greatly impacted if you fail the aptitude test. Thus, it is best to try answering every question.
Don’t forget to press the submit button before the exam period ends.

Less sleep does, in fact, impair mental acuity. So, the day before the test, make sure to give your brain a rest.


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