I was shot, five people are still missing, and UI Don speaks

Adigun Agbaje, a political science professor and former deputy vice chancellor at the University of Ibadan, thanked Nigerians for their worries before kidnappers freed him.

“Today is a fresh day, and I’m grateful to be alive. I was held captive for two nights in the dense woodlands of Ogun and Oyo states before being freed by my captors yesterday (Sunday) evening. My thoughts turn to the five people still being held captive by the kidnappers: two young women, two young males, and a middle-aged man. Throughout the kidnapping, I received headshots.

I praise God that, despite leaving a large hole in the helmet I was wearing, the bullet that passed through the windscreen of my car merely grazed the skin of my head. I was not even aware of this until I noticed caked blood on my cap on Saturday morning.

It might take me some time to thank everyone in my family, including my in-laws, friends, and in-laws to my children, as well as my own friends, coworkers, and all Nigerians because I am having thorough health exams.For the time being, I would like to express my gratitude to the following people: Prof. Olufemi Bamiro, Prof. Isaac Adewole, Prof. Idowu Olayinka, and Prof. Kayode Adebowale, former and present vice chancellors of the University of Ibadan; my colleagues at other universities both domestically and abroad; current and former students, including Mr. Fisayo Soyombo; and senior government, military, and security officials.

I appreciate all of your work very much. When I was granted freedom yesterday (Sunday) evening, you all made sure that the delicate negotiations came to a successful conclusion and maintained hope. My heart goes out to those young female undergraduates, the young males, and the middle-aged people I left with the captors, as I previously indicated. I may not be available right now, but as soon as my physicians give me the all-clear, I will personally thank you all, he stated on Monday.

According to The PUNCH, kidnappers stopped Prof. Agbaje’s car near Sat Guru Maharaji Garden on Friday at around 6 p.m. when he was en route to Ibadan from Olabisi Onabanjo University, where he is now on sabbatical.

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