The loss of Davido and Chioma’s son is mourned by entertainers.

In response to the passing of their three-year-old kid Ifeanyi, singer Davido and his lover Chioma Rowland have received condolences from Nigerian entertainers.

According to reports, Ifeanyi drowned at their Banana Island, Lagos State, house.

Following the terrible news, celebrities have expressed their sorrow for the boy and their prayers for his parents on their social media accounts.

I’m totally at a loss for words,” the singer Paul Play Dairo admitted. This hurts so much. David, have faith.”I stated I won’t believe anything on social media unless I physically confirm myself,” the actor Williams Uchemba posted on Instagram. I wished it were a lie. I’m angry, hurt, and perplexed. Nobody should suffer like this.

Pray for David, Chioma, and the entire family, please. Nobody should be suffering like this. Little one, take a nap.

The saddest thing, according to Muyiwa Ademola, is when parents bury their children. We sincerely hope that it never occurs! The parents and the entire Adeleke family may The Almighty grant them the fortitude to endure this loss.

Please and thank you, attempt to get free access to the pool if you have young children and a pool at home. Make sure only adults and children under adult supervision enter.

Iyabo Ojo, an actress, expressed her sorrow by saying, “I don’t even know how to react to this terrible revelation. I hoped it wasn’t the case. My God!!! This is incredibly awful, heartbreaking, startling, and depressing.
Olorun!!! Le abiamo, Ikun

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