Igboho requests that Gani Adams retract his libelous statement

Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, has been demanded by Yoruba Self Determination campaigner Chief Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, to retract a “malicious and defamatory statement” made against him (Igboho) within 48 hours.

Igboho’s legal team, Law Corridor, sent a letter on Monday, March 25, 2024, bearing the signature of Pelumi Olajengbesi Esq., containing this information.


“We are Solicitors and Attorneys-at-Law to CHIEF SUNDAY ADEYEMO AKA ‘SUNDAY IGBOHO(hereinafter referred to as ‘Our Client’) and on whose firm instructions we write in respect of the above subject matter,” the text below states.

“Our client is a well-known multinational businessman, human rights advocate, and citizen of Nigeria. Our Client has established a solid name for himself over the years as a champion of the rights of the masses, especially in regards to the safety of the Yoruba people and the harmonious coexistence of all citizens.

“Even during the height of persecution by dishonest members of society, our client has equally offered his support on multiple occasions for the safety and well-being of the good people of this country, and his unwavering commitment to upholding the rule of law has earned him numerous honors both domestically and internationally.

We write in response to a recent spiteful, scandalous, and defamatory allegation made against Our Client that was discovered in a leaked, viral phone call discussion that is making the rounds on various social media platforms, with much shock and frustration.

“You scandalously and maliciously labeled Our Client as a criminal in the widely circulated Yoruba phone call, and without any legal justification, tagged Our Client as an assassin, a political thug, and a serial killer in an attempt to demonize Our Client and lower his estimation in the eyes of right-thinking members of the public.

You are cited in your baseless accusations as having criminalized Our Client in Yoruba dialect, alleging that Our Client received Fifty Million Naira (50,000,000.00) in cash from President Tinubu.

You further assert that this amount was given to Our Client via Mr. Tayo Ayinde, the Chief of Staff of Lagos State, for the purpose of carrying out illegal activities and the execution of Tinubu’s political opponents.

You further claimed that in an effort to influence Tinubu’s path to the presidency, Our Client was hired by Tinubu to organize large-scale protests for pro-Yoruba nation agitators prior to his presidential campaign. Over the years, politicians have hired Our Client to engage in illegal political activity, create political crises, and demolish political systems.

As if that weren’t enough, you went on to accuse Our Client of being a political power drunk who routinely takes money from various sources in order to carry out murders. You also linked Our Client to the deaths of Late Chief Bola Ige and one Fryo, despite your admission that the information was based on unconfirmed reports. In your words, you said as follows:

Sunday is after money and political power. He wants to amass wealth from this and wealth from that, and once money is involved, he can kill anybody.” There is an unverified report claiming that he was involved in the murders of Fryo and Bola Ige.”

Additionally, you persisted in accusing Our Client of being a manipulator and deceiver who preys on the gullible with the hope of carrying out his bad and criminal deeds by purchasing houses and other assets with his money and influence.

Sadly, you have once more claimed that Our Client has killed multiple individuals and been engaged in numerous murder cases. You said that whereas his co-conspirators and rivals have received life sentences, Our Client was only saved by political influence and authority. As you put it;

“Many murder cases have been committed by Sunday. While many of the others who carried out the act with him were given life sentences, he was able to extricate himself through the use of political force and influence.”

It is important to highlight that the malicious defamatory statement you made about Our Client was made without any attempt to verify the lies that were presented as facts. This indicates your clear, willful, and ill-intentioned desire to kill Our Client and damage his reputation, which has been carefully cultivated over the years.

“What is even more concerning is the fact that an individual of your caliber, holding the highly regarded position of Aare Ona-Kakanfo in Yorubaland—a position designated for a respected Yoruba son who ought to be the model of integrity and an inspiration to the Yoruba people both at home and abroad—made such a scandalous and maliciously defamatory statement.

First of all, rather than criminalizing and tarnishing the reputation of the office you hold—which ought to be an ambassador of peace—it shows the desperation of a hatchet attack and targeted assault against Our Client.

It also further erodes the legitimacy of the position you hold. More seriously, it is an insult to the rule of law that deprives you of the respect and decency that came with holding the position you did.

There is no greater loss of integrity for a person of your stature with relation to your office.For the record, Our Client vehemently and categorically disputes ALL of the accusations made in the aforementioned defamatory phone conversation, including their substance—or lack thereof—because they are malicious, false, and unsubstantiated, and as a result, they harm Our Client.

Based on available information, a malevolent scheme exists to damage, discredit, and defile Our Client’s laboriously earned reputation in order to lower his status and respect among rational citizens and incite hostility from his own people—the safety and well-being of whom Our Client has devoted many years of his life to protecting.

“Our Client must deal with the numerous responses and backlash from some individuals who thought highly of Our Client and who were duped by your dishonest statement of baseless accusations made without checking its veracity or Our Client’s reputation as a human rights advocate, which Our Client has painstakingly and methodically developed over the years.

You produced the aforementioned defamatory statement against Our Client knowing full well that it would become viral in an attempt to curry favor with people and obtain followers at the expense of Our Client’s honor—a very sad and terrible thing to be involved in.

“The acts complained of here have not only dishonored Our Client, but they have also deceitfully exposed him to public mockery and multiple demotions from friends, family, associates, and influential people who respect and believe in the path of justice being pursued by Our Client. We would like to stress again how disgusting this is about him.


“It is our thoroughly considered position that your statement against Our Client is motivated by lies, spite, hatred and prejudice. It is worrisome and infuriating to note the malice with which you made the unfounded allegations is devoid of right-thinking caution and extremely undermine the integrity of the office you occupy.

“We submit on behalf of Our Client that you have not only defamed Our Client intentionally but have also mendaciously subjected him to public ridicule, mockery, mortification of an odious nature, and this stands as an abhorrence on his person to which we take a vehement exception.


“Following from the foregoing excruciating facts, we further have the instruction of Our Client to demand for the following:

(i) The outrageous, malevolent, and slanderous remarks you made about Our Client in the now-viral phone conversation that is trending on social media should be immediately retracted.

(ii) You arrange for a publication in two (2) national daily to be made under your name, acknowledging that the accusations are untrue and offering Our Client a public apology.

(iii) An unconditional apologies letter from you to Our Client.

Please be advised that you have 48 (forty-eight) hours from the time you receive this letter to comply with the demands made by Our Client. If you do not, the full force of the law will be applied against you and you will have no further recourse. This will include a demand for damages totaling N10,000,000,000.00 (Ten Billion Naira) for the harm that your defamatory statement and its shocking lack of decency and integrity caused to Our Client.” (sic)


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