K1 De Ultimate Talks About Her Supposed Romantic Relationship With The Female Family Chef, Her Wife’s Best Friend

King Wasui Ayinde Marshal, also known as Kwam1, is a Nigerian fuji artist who has refuted rumors that he and his wife, Emmanualla Ropo, are at odds.

An Instagram blog said on Tuesday night that Kwam1 and his wife were at odds over Emmanuella’s friend Folake Ibile and their family’s female chef, who are purportedly romantically involved.

The article claims that Emmanuella learned of the extramarital affair when she managed to crack the code for their house’s security camera, which reveals that Folake had been paying her visits while she was away.

According to reports, Emmanuella confronted K1, starting a heated fight that ended with family members stepping in to restore harmony.

However, the Fuji musician claimed in a statement released on Wednesday and signed by KL’s publicist, Kunle Rasheed, that the web story circulating about him is fake and was put together by those who wanted to cause havoc in his house.

Kwam1 pointed out that it is untrue that Folake and their family’s female chef were having an extramarital affair.

The statement says, “Blogs have been spreading false information that is viciously harming K1’s relationship with his beloved wife, Emmanuella. This is a completely false assertion, masterminded by people who want to spread turmoil.

First and foremost, K1 has no romantic affiliation or liaison with any woman from the society. Moreover, the rumor that K1 is dating a female chef is completely false; he has never been in a relationship with a female chef and does not even currently have one.

Furthermore, the claim of Folake Ibile’s marital status with K1 is completely untrue. All they have in common is a coincidence last name, and Folake Ibile is contentedly wed to someone else.

Finally, there is no truth to the utterly false rumor that K1 is seeing Mariam Aneko’s sister. To be clear, K1 and his spouse have a solid and happy marriage free from the misinformation and gossip of nefarious sources.

They are incredibly committed to one another, so any implication of conflict is baseless. On March 3, 2024, K1 turned 67. In a low-key ceremony, he and his gorgeous wife celebrated the day together in love and peace.

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