Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the president of Vietnam, presents his resignation

The largely ceremonial job has been held by Phuc, a 68-year-old former prime minister, for less than two years. It wasn’t immediately obvious who would take his place.

According to the Vietnam News Agency, which cited the party’s influential Central Committee, “Fully cognizant of his obligations before the party and people, he submitted an application to resign from his appointed positions, quit his work, and retire.”

Following the January dismissals of two deputy prime ministers who were serving under Phuc when he led the government, there was much talk regarding Phuc’s resignation.

The National Assembly must approve Phuc’s resignation for it to take effect. The legislature will host a rare extraordinary meeting this week, according to Reuters on Monday.

Vietnam does not have a supreme leader and is instead governed by four “pillars”: the president, the prime minister, the head of the parliament, and the secretary of the dominant party.




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