‘One of Fela’s sons didn’t even realize he was a ‘Kuti’ until he was in his 50s.’ Seun Kuti’s

Seun Kuti, a Grammy-nominated singer, has stated that his and his siblings’ artistic achievement is unrelated to being the children of late Afrobeat pioneer Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.
During an interview with Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo, the singer stated that creativity runs in their family.

According to him, one of Fela’s children who grew up in Australia had no idea he was a ‘Kuti’ and was excelling as a creative director since they are creative people.

The controversial artist claimed that his elder brother, Femi Kuti, and nephew, Made Kuti, achieved fame in music because of their purposeful efforts and dedication.

He said that his father, Reverend Israel Ransome-Kuti, was also a musician, but his musical accomplishments were never attributed to him.

“We are not successful in music because of our father,” he explained. Femi Kuti, my younger brother, is 60 years old. I am 40. My nephew, Made Kute, is now in his twenties and has joined us. And he is, in fact, the best of us all. That’s what it implies; it’s progressing because we’re committed to it.”It’s not just because we’re Fela’s kids. Nobody claims that Fela is a musician because his father was a musician. Nobody realizes Fela’s father was a musician. My grandfather used to be a musician. He made CDs and penned a lot of hymns.

My great grandfather was the first person to record a song in Nigeria. We come from a musical family.

“We even have an Australian brother who didn’t grow up with the family; he didn’t even know he was a Kuti until he was in his 50s; he’s not a musician, but he’s a creative art director.” We are what we are. We are a creative group. So when people say we’re successful musicians because we’re Fela’s children, they’re only half right.”

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