Pentagon: US Strike Kills 13 Al-Shabaab Fighters

According to the Pentagon, US soldiers killed 13 al-Shabaab militants in an airstrike in Somalia on Wednesday.

According to a statement from the Pentagon’s Africa Command, the attack occurred on August 14 close to Teedaan in the central-southern region of the country as Shabaab insurgents were launching attacks against Somali National Army soldiers.

The statement read, “US forces are authorized to undertake strikes in defense of selected partner forces.”

According to an initial analysis of the strike, no civilians were hurt or killed.

Four Shabaab members were killed by US soldiers last week during a strike in the same area.

For fifteen years, an uprising against the federal government of Somalia has been headed by Al-Shabaab, which the United States categorizes as a terrorist organization.

The gang regularly attacks both military and civilian targets while controlling large areas of the countryside.

President Joe Biden reversed his predecessor Donald Trump’s decision to remove the majority of US personnel by ordering the re-establishment of a US troop presence in Somalia in May to assist local authorities in battling Al-Shabaab.


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