PwC India, a leading global professional services organisation, announced the launch of PwC Neomegha, a platform which is designed to help organisations catalyse their digital innovation initiatives, quickly and cost effectively.

PwC Neomegha enables organisations to easily migrate to the cloud, manage a multi-cloud environment and develop cloud-native applications. Operating on an Cloud as-a-Service model, the platform allows services to be ramped up or down as needed and manages all enterprise cloud resources—public, private or hybrid—with a single, unified view, enabling granular tracking and data-driven decision making.

In addition, the platform provides a rich catalogue of micro services that can be leveraged to instantly build new applications and run them on the cloud, with an in-built unified cloud governance framework. It also incorporates an open integration layer that connects with an organisation’s DevOps tools of choice to automate and manage their product development lifecycles.

“In order to become a truly digital business today, companies must focus on innovating and adapting to a new paradigm — with enhanced flexibility, agility and greater self-service capabilities. This platform equips enterprises with a comprehensive digital transformation framework that will give them the extra edge required to monetise and grow their business in a highly competitive landscape,” said Ashotoosh Chand, partner, Digital Services, PwC India.

With PwC Neomegha, existing customers have witnessed up to thirty times improvements in efficiency over traditional development methods. The platform also incorporates AI based chatbots for automated provisioning of services and optimisation of operations, and a chat interface that enables developers and administrators to issue commands using the platform.


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