Suspect reveals why he killed former Ondo deputy governor’s daughter:Finally!

The prime suspect in the killing of Khadijat Oluboyo, a daughter to the former deputy governor of Ondo state, Alao Adeyemi, has said that he killed her to become rich.

Adeyemi confessed to killing Khadijat with the sole purpose of becoming rich within a period of seven days.

According to Vanguard, sources at the Nigeria Police said the suspect also known as QS dismembered Khadijat’s body in order to bury her in a corner of his room.

The suspect, a son of a bricklayer, Alhaji Alani Alao, who hails from Osun state buried the deceased in a grave he dug in his bedroom, and slept on the decomposing corpse for six days before he was found out.

A source said Adeyemi during interrogation at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) disclosed that he scrapped the hair of the deceased and also removed her private part which he had taken to his native doctor in Ondo town for money ritual before burying her in the grave.It was gathered that a night before her death, Khadijat and Adeyemi went to a restaurant for dinner and branched at a drinking joint before they retired to the lover boy’s New Oke-Aro extension residence.

While he was joined by two others, who are at large to commit to heinous crime, Adeyemi continued to spray insecticide and perfume to subdue the odour from the decomposing body. He was arrested on the sixth day after the killing happened.

A police source said if Khadijat’s body had been allowed to continue decomposing in Adeyemi’s house, he would have become stinking rich.

The source said Adeyemi’s quest to get rich quickly made him kill Khadijat after a native doctor in Ondo town reportedly informed him that the money ritual he was requesting for will require some human parts of a very close acquaintance.

The advice by the native doctor led Adeyemi, a Yahoo Plus Club (internet fraudsters) member, to settle for his girlfriend as a victim of his ritual activities.

He claimed he was not directly involved in the killing of Khadijat. Adeyemi speaking while he was paraded by police said he only provided a digger for two accomplices which was used to dig the grave where Khadijat was buried in his room. Read more

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