Thousands march in London to demand ‘urgent’ climate action

Thousands of protesters from across the UK marched through central London on Saturday, calling for “urgent political action” on nature.

Around 350 organizations participated in the ‘Restore Nature Now’ march, which included protest groups like Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion as well as more mainstream institutions like the National Trust and WWF.

According to one protestor, people gathered from “all over the UK” with a list of demands, including making “polluters pay” and strengthening support for farmers in an enhanced “climate-friendly farming budget”.

The march also advocated for an Environmental Rights Bill to create the right to a healthy environment in the next parliament after the general election next month.

Protesters marched down one side of Hyde Park in the British capital, past Downing Street to Parliament Square, dressed in wildlife-themed costumes and wearing unusual headgear and masks.
Protesters, accompanied by music, cries of “restore nature now” and more than one drum circle, demanded that climate change and nature be prioritized in the election campaign and by the future government.

Emma Thompson, a British actor, led the march, urging the government to “stop being so deeply, deeply irresponsible”.

Thompson told AFP at the march that she couldn’t believe political parties’ “lack of engagement” in the present election campaign.

We’re in the center of the storm… Everyone is concerned about the beauty of our islands, which are deteriorating at an alarming rate,” she continued.

She was joined at the front of the parade by wildlife TV presenter and activist Chris Packham, who chastised politicians for “not taking the action that they need to, quickly and broadly enough,” adding that he was “not terribly impressed” with party election manifestos.
So we need to stand up and make it clear that we will hold them accountable,” he told AFP.


Source France24

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