Why My Wife and I Ended Our Marriage: Rapper Ikechukwu explains

Ikechukwu Onunaku, a veteran Nigerian rapper and Nollywood actor, has admitted that his marriage has failed.
In May 2021, the rapper and Ella, his fiancée, got married.

However, Ikechukwu claimed that irreconcilable differences were the cause of his marriage’s dissolution in a recent interview with media personality Daddy Freeze.

The rapper from Mohits Records claims that although he made an effort to keep their marriage intact, he was unable to put up with his wife’s excesses.

“My wife and I are no longer together,” he declared. We couldn’t reconcile, so we split up. It wasn’t an excessive adultery. Excessive amounts of gaslighting, fault-finding, and listening to outsiders were observed.

I made an effort to keep our marriage intact, but eventually I had to reveal my ex-wife my other side since I could no longer put up with her excesses.

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