Enhancing Hajj Pilgrim Comfort & Safety in High Temperatures

In Saudi Arabia, water misting devices were being deployed on Saturday to protect pilgrims from the intense heat that has coincided with this year’s Hajj journey.

As part of the Hajj rites, pilgrims congregated at Al-Rahma hill for a day of worship and reflection. Tall columns erected to spray water on them.

More than a dozen people are said to have passed away from heatstroke thus far, with temperatures reaching as high as 48 degrees Celsius.

Over the course of the five-day Hajj, the nation is predicted to face intense heat, and pilgrims have been graciously receiving the free water that is distributed along the pathways between the sacred sites.

“We stay in the shade and drink a lot of cold water,” stated Noureddine Al-Rifai, a French pilgrim with Tunisian ancestry.
The majority of those assembled at Mount Arafat were holding umbrellas, while other people sat under the shade of nearby buildings and trees near Al-Rahma hill.

The Saudi government is advising people to exercise caution.

As of right now, medical staff in Mashaer have personally addressed 151 cases of heat stress. Thus, we advise taking precautions, according to Health Minister Fahad Al-Jaljel.

In order to prevent heat exhaustion, officials recommended pilgrims to use umbrellas, stay hydrated, and take breaks in between rites.

The pilgrims are taking every precaution to prevent heat stroke, including dousing themselves in water, using umbrellas, and using the water misting system.
Nearly half of the 8,400 pilgrims who received treatment for heat exhaustion or heat stroke last year were admitted to hospitals.

If they are financially and physically capable, all Muslims must perform the Hajj at least once in their lifetime.

According to Saudi officials, more than two million pilgrims are expected this year, which is close to pre-pandemic levels.

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