“It Has Not Been Easy”: Anita Joseph Talks To MC Fish About Her Marriage

Renowned Nollywood actress Anita Joseph has stated that her marriage to hype man Michael Fisayo, also known as MC Fish, has not been simple to navigate due to cultural barriers.
The Igbo film actress, who is wed to Yoruba, revealed this to Punch during an interview.

“When my mother-in-law speaks Yoruba to me, I respond with ‘eshe’,” the woman stated. Even though it hasn’t been easy, I have gained some knowledge.

Anita, who celebrated her fourth wedding anniversary this week, gave a speech about how her marriage has changed her life. “Marriage has influenced me in a very positive way,” she said. I’ve developed greater patience and protectiveness.

The most important thing is one’s heart. It is essentially a one-and-one marriage—one’s parents or other family members won’t be in it with you. Therefore, it’s OK to select a partner from a different tribe. Happiness should always come first.

Anita added that she is glad to have disproved the opinions of those who believed her marriage would not continue.

She said, “With reference to the Instagram post I made on my wedding anniversary, I mentioned that several blogs and even individuals had predicted that my marriage wouldn’t endure, but I’sent’ that back to them and their sisters. I’m still with my hubby because of God’s grace.

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