Nigeria Army Salary Structure Updated for 2023

Members of the Nigerian Army are responsible for protecting the country’s territorial integrity, making it one of the country’s most vital military forces. The Nigerian Army, like any other military force, has its own ranks and pay schemes.

The Nigerian Army compensation structure is based on the 2017 Consolidated Naval compensation Structure (CONNESS). The pay structure is separated into two groups: non-commission officers and commission officers.

Nigerian Army Ranks for Commissioned officers

These sets of officers are in charge and control of the decision-making, they are above and given directly to the non-commission officers. You must have graduated from an accredited polytechnic or university with a second-class lower degree or lower credit. They are thought to be in command of the leadership.

The non-commissioned officers are as follows:

  • Field Marshal (5-Star General and the highest rank In the Nigerian Army)
  • General (4-Star General)
  • Lieutenant General (3-Star General)
  • Major General (2-Star General)
  • Brigadier General (1-Star General)
  • Colonel
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Major
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Second Lieutenant

Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2023 for Commissioned Officer

  • Second Lieutenant: N120,000 per month
  • Lieutenant: N180,000
  • Captain: N220,000
  • Major: N300,000
  • Lt. Colonel: N550,000
  • Brigadier General: N750,000
  • Major General: N950,000
  • Lt. General: N1,000,000
  • General: N1,500,000

Nigerian Army Ranks for Non-Commissioned officers

non-commission officers are junior officers of the Nigerian Army. They are primarily Nigerian Army personnel recruited using secondary school certificates and have completed the standard six-month training program in Kaduna.

The non-commissioned officers are as follows

  • Warrant Officer Class I
  • Warrant Officer Class II
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Lance-Corporal
  • Private
  • Recruit

Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2023 for Non-Commissioned Officer

  • Corporal: N58,000 per month
  • Sergeant: N63,000
  • Staff Sergeant: N68,000
  • Warrant Officer: N80,000
  • Master Warrant Officer: N90,000

How much is Nigerian Army Training Allowances

Throughout their training, trainees in the Nigerian Army are also entitled to some allowances. Thus, it’s a good idea to have an idea of what to expect if you’re interested in joining the Nigerian Army. The allowances given to trainees in the Nigerian Navy are listed below.

Short Service Cadets in the Nigerian Army are paid between N15,000 and 25,000 per month.

Regular cadets of the Nigerian Army are paid between N25,000 and N50,000 per month while they are undergoing training at the Nigerian Defense Academy.

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