Protesters in Atlanta danced to Childish Gambino and a live band played to families on the street


Earlier today in Atlanta, the marches saw pockets of joy, as protesters danced to blaring music on the crowded streets.

They danced to Childish Gambino’s “This is America,” and did the electric slide dance near Centennial Olympic Park in the city’s downtown.

The mood was light, with cheering and applause. Families marched with children; at one point, a live band even played on top of a parking garage.

“Music has completely changed the atmosphere, as you can see,” the band director told CNN. “As soon as we started playing, the crowd just immediately came this way. We just want justice. We understand what’s going on. Music will bring togetherness and everybody is here now.”

CNN Correspondent Martin Savidge said: “We went from a street protest to what is now a party in the street — but still with the consciousness of what this is all about. You can dance and still chant ‘Black Lives Matter.'”

It’s a stark contrast to just a week ago. Last Friday, there was chaos on the streets of Atlanta, when demonstrators lit a car on fire and broke windows at the CNN Center. Protesters threw firecrackers at police and smoke bombs into buildings

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