Salary Structure for Nigerian Air Force, Updated for 2024

The Federal Republic of Nigeria’s government established the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) as a paramilitary organization with the aim of defending the country and its citizens from air threats and attacks.

The compensation structure of the Nigerian Air Force is derived from the Consolidated Naval compensation Structure (CONNESS), which was implemented in 2017. There are two types in the compensation structure: non-commission officers and commission officers.

When compared to other Nigerian Forces, the remuneration structure of NAF officers is quite appealing and they receive good compensation.

Nigerian Air Force Salary & Ranks for Commissioned officers

The Commissioned officers are the high ranking officers who make strategic decisions and give commands. You must have graduated from an accredited polytechnic or university with a second-class lower degree or lower credit. They are thought to be in command of the leadership

    • Marshal of the Nigerian Air Force – ₦2,800,000 per month
    • Air Chief Marshal – ₦1,838,711 per month
    • Air Marshal – ₦1,699,451 per month
    • Air Vice-Marshal – ₦1,699,451 per month
    • Air Commodore – ₦977,895 per month
  • Group Captain – ₦852,631 per month
  • Wing Commander – ₦742,586 per month
  • Squadron Leader – ₦648,004 per month
  • Flight Lieutenant – ₦332,484 per month
  • Flying Officer – ₦218,400 per month
  • Pilot Officer – ₦187,159 per month

Nigerian Air Force Salary & Ranks for Non – Commissioned Officers

Non-commissioned officers are the junior officer who receives orders from commissioned officers. They are primarily personnel recruited using secondary school certificates and have completed the mandated training program.

  • Air Warrant Officer – ₦171,793 per month
  • Master Warrant Officer – ₦165,697 per month
  • Warrant Officer – ₦101,974 per month
  • Flight Sergeant – ₦97,115 per month
  • Sergeant – ₦87,119 per month
  • Corporal – ₦65,261 per month
  • Lance Corporal – ₦59,261 per month
  • Aircraftman – ₦52,892 per month

Other Benefits and Allowance Packages for NAF Officers

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