The Pakistan Taliban detonated a roadside bomb, killing four police

In an effort to defend a police station that was under Taliban insurgent siege in northwest Pakistan, four policemen were killed by a roadside bomb, according to officials on Thursday.

After the Afghan Taliban retook Kabul in 2021, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has increased its attacks in Pakistan, and police are assuming a more prominent role in Islamabad’s efforts to put an end to the movement.

Early on Thursday, TTP terrorists attacked a police station with heavy weaponry in the Afghan border-adjacent Lakki Marwat area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

According to a senior local police official, Muhammad Ashfaq, four officers—including a deputy superintendent—were killed by a bomb as they ran towards the conflict. This was a “planned act of terrorism.”

Deputy superintendent Iqbal Mohmand was known as an “exceptional poet”, Ashfaq said. “He was always the centre of attention during poetic festivals,” he said.

At their zenith of power, they ruled huge portions of northwest Pakistan, but after a school raid in 2014 that left almost 150 people dead—mostly students—they were mostly defeated by the military.

After the Afghan Taliban’s return to Kabul, attacks have been progressively increasing, and according to Islamabad, the TTP is carrying out attacks from Afghan territory.

The TTP and Islamabad’s tenuous six-month cease-fire expired in November.

When a suicide bomber in the northwest city of Peshawar detonated himself in a mosque inside a police compound in January, more than 80 cops were murdered.


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