Why a Nollywood actress “sleeps with producers for roles”

Nollywood actress Ruby Ojiakor has admitted that because they are not very talented at what they do, women who sleep with filmmakers must compensate them with their bodies.

In a recent interview, the single mother claimed that only people who are thirsty for fame and do not care about professional advancement let themselves to be used by sleazy producers to satiate their sexual appetite.

She responded, “It is fantastic when an actress is talented and knows what she is doing, when questioned about her opinion on the subject of sexual harassment occurring in the film industry. Many of the girls who favor sleeping with filmmakers aren’t very skilled in their field.

They are just desperate, want to become overnight stars.

“Even if one doesn’t sleep with directors, one will acquire movie roles if one is not desperate and keeps praying to God. The guy is good, so the filmmakers won’t have any other choice. It’s critical that actresses constantly improve. After doing so, they will always get employment. After declining producers’ advances for sexual favors, I continue to receive calls.

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