Kenyan Protests: 40 More People Wanted, 270+ Arrested

Authorities in Kenya have confirmed the arrest of more than 270 individuals following nationwide protests that swept across the country on Tuesday.

According to the police, those detained are suspected of committing crimes during the protests, which were first intended to voice opposition to concerns of administration.
The Directorate of Criminal Investigations said in a statement late on Tuesday that was shared on social media, “The security forces identified suspects involved in criminal acts under the guise of protest and apprehended them.”

The statement stated that 204 people were arrested in Nairobi alone, and that 68 more people were detained in different parts of the country.

The statement further stated, “The DCI has dispatched investigators throughout the impacted areas to locate suspects caught on CCTV and mobile recordings committing violent crimes like robbery, theft, and vandalism against innocent citizens.”

Starting as anti-finance bill protests a month ago, the demonstrations on Tuesday expanded into larger anti-government marches that drew thousands of activists from several locations.

Online videos showed violent scenes in Nairobi and other cities, including fights with the police, looting, and property damage.

Following the demonstrations, police issued a statement on social media on Wednesday morning, citing 40 people as sought for allegedly inciting disturbances.

The people in the below photo are wanted by the police for their illegal actions committed during the rallies against the Finance Bill 2024.

The police circular said, “We urge them to surrender at the nearest police station.”

Through private hotlines, the public was urged to share any information they may have regarding the suspects’ whereabouts.

In response to a reported shooting incident in Ganjoni, Mombasa, which involved the proprietor of the QAFFEE POINT Hotel, the police gave the assurance that the gunman had been captured, taken into jail, and his weaponry had been taken out.

We are providing medical attention to two individuals who have sustained injuries.

The statement continued, saying, “The DCI appreciates the public’s prompt assistance in getting the injured to hospital and urges calm as legal actions are pursued.”

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