10 Nigerian States, according to Osinbajo, Have GDPs Larger Than Some African Countries

The gross domestic product (GDP) of ten Nigerian states, according to vice president Yemi Osinbajo, is more than that of several African countries.

When some Harvard Business School students paid him a visit on Sunday at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, Osinbajo said, “Nigeria should not be compared economically with “smaller” African states.”

According to a statement by Osinbajo’s media aide Laolu Akande, “Borno State is nearly the size of the whole of the United Kingdom plus Sweden or Denmark.”

As a result, given the size of the country, when violence in Nigeria is reported, it is likely due to an incident in a remote part of the nation that many people in Abuja and Lagos may learn about on social media.

We are frequently compared to smaller African nations when discussing our economy, but Nigeria has 10 states with GDPs greater than those nations, making it a massive target market.

Additionally, VP Osinbajo noted that he entered office with these beliefs and added that he valued honesty, openness, and social justice.

“Spirituality connotes ideals to me,” he remarked. I entered politics with beliefs about what is significant to me, especially in the areas of justice, social justice, and transparency. You virtually always reflect the values you hold dear. Fortunately, many of these principles are universal and not only applicable to one religion or one faith.

“You don’t need to be told not to do certain things because you can wind up in jail if you do them because there is a good chance that you could be caught, the process will go through, and you will be punished in countries that are more institutionally developed.

“I discuss corruption and other issues. However, some people have excuses for not acting morally if institutions are weak.

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