Rivers State Government says it has observed with dismay what it terms the “indecent and reckless politicisation”

According to a statement by its Commissioner, Paulinus Nsirim, the Rivers State Government said the case in point is the promotion and sponsorship of a misleading narrative on the arrest of two pilots and 10 passengers of Caverton Helicopters by the Ministry of Aviation.

The Rivers Govt said that this is “an unnecessary” media campaign that has led to the publication of sponsored editorials in on different online and Traditional Media.

Adding that sadly, the ‘media campaign of calumny’ against the Rivers State

Government has been premised on falsehood, aimed at endangering the lives of over 6million Rivers people

The Rivers Govt’s statement part read:

Contrary to the view being peddled by the Minister of Aviation, Alhaji Hadi Sirika, the two pilots of Caverton Helicopters and their 10passengers were not arrested because they operated a permit granted them by the Ministry of Aviation.

They were arrested because they constantly contravened the Executive Order issued by the Governor of Rivers State, His Excellency, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike, which requires that everyone coming into the state for essential duties subject themselves to mandatory health checks to ascertain their coronavirus status.

Before their arrests, the Rivers State Government issued several warnings to Caverton and other operators to ensure that their pilots and passengers are tested by Rivers State Health Authorities. Caverton Helicopters disregarded the warnings.

At the last count, Caverton Helicopters ferried over 220 passengers into the State without allowing health professionals of the Rivers State Government ascertain their coronavirus status. They also refused to avail the State Government their contacts, so they can be traced and tested.

The Rivers State Government under the leadership of His Excellency, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike remains committed to the protection of the over 6million citizens of the state.

We are not struggling to issue landing permits to airlines, neither are we contending for the control of the air space. Therefore, the issue on ground has nothing to do with the Exclusive List.

The Focus of the Rivers State Government is to ensure that

nobody under the guise of transporting workers on essential services, ferry in persons who will compromise our health system. Therefore, these pilots and passengers must be subjected to health checks before they carry out their responsibilities. That is standard practice.

The Federal Government as we speak has quarantined Chinese Doctors who are in the country on invitation of the operators of Exclusive List. These Chinese Doctors will be isolated for 14days as a precaution before they mix with Nigerians. If the Federal Government has done that in Abuja for Chinese officials that they invited, why do they insist that persons coming into Rivers State must enter the state without health check?

What are they hiding?

What is the objective of these persons promoting unhindered access into Rivers State for persons from a coronavirus impacted state?

From all indications, it is clear that there is a plot to compromise the health of Rivers people. Otherwise, what is the motive for the grandstanding and the sponsorship of false editorials to mislead Nigerians by agents of the Federal Government?

The Rivers State Government urged the Federal Government to direct all its business associates to subject themselves to health checks to ascertain their coronavirus status.

On this premise, the Rivers State Government stated that it is not prepared to compromise, stressing that the safety of Rivers people is beyond any other consideration.

“No amount of yellow journalism will diminish the leading role Governor Wike has provided the entire country since the outbreak of coronavirus,” the Rivers Govt’s statement read.

It further noted that Governor Wike through the various prevention strategies he had initiated, has demonstrated to the entire world that he is prepared for leadership. The truth is that it is in time of crisis

like the whole world is facing now, that you know genuine leaders.

The Rivers State Government argued that it respects the rule of law and has acted within the ambit of the law.

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